How to repeat 5 times?

How do I get an animation to repeat only 5 times (without puting the animation in the time line 5 times) then go to somewhere else, say frame 50.

Any help would be great?


Is it a clip or an animation in the main timeline ?

If it’s a clip, it’s easier :
in the main timeline, in the frame that contains the clip, add the script to the frame :
var looping =0 ;
in the clip timeline, on the last frame, write :
stop() ;
_root.looping ++ ;

if (looping == 5) {
_root.gotoAndPlay (50) ;

else {
gotoAndPlay (1) ;
If you use the main timeline, it’s basically the same except you can’t initialize looping like that, of you’ll have to gotoAndplay (2) ;

Should work.


Thanks I will give it a go!