How to tilt movieclip image with cursor in flash as2?

I’m using this script below, but it rotates movieclip images from one corner and I want to tilt movieclip images left & right with cursor… just like that on this link -

var radiance:Number = 5/Math.PI;

//movieclips array
var clipsArray:Array = [“circle1_mc”, “circle2_mc”, “circle3_mc”, “circle4_mc”, “circle5_mc”];


  • Main Loop
    _root.onEnterFrame = function()
    //loop through clipsArray
    for(var i = 0; i < clipsArray.length; i++)
    //set temp movieclip
    var tempClip:MovieClip = eval(clipsArray
    //calculate rotation
    walkdirection = -(Math.atan2(_ymouse-tempClip._y, _xmouse-tempClip._x ))*radiance;
    //set rotation
    tempClip._rotation = walkdirection;