How was this done

Well i was recently checking out the new 24-7 portfolio section when i found this: .

Does anyone know how to make that beveled out effent? If you look closely there is an innerbevel along the edges too. Does anyone know how to do this in PS? THanks


it’s an outer bevel w/ the softness real high, that’s one of their weakest designs in my opinion.

well its not really a design, its just a mock layout, they probably asked for something real simple cause thats not really 247 style. O and if its just an outerbevel how is that inner ditch around the edges done?

28 has a tut on something like this, I’ll see if he’s still got it on his site.

I wrote a tutorial on that effect a while ago. Give me a bit and I’ll find it.

its either 1 big soft bevel; rasterized the layer effect + another bevel (with opposite direction than the first one)

or instead of second bevel a drop shadow with options…

LoL, no… that would be considered a design my friend.

You could do what mlk said, but I think all they did so they could preserve the layer, is make a smaller oval turn it black and then guassian blur it. And masked it, or opposite bevel like mlk said, but again, masked it off.