How would one do these effects: graphics wipe & outline drawing [renamed]

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[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]hey everyone, i’m kind of new with flash. well anyway, after doin some web browsing, i’ve ran into 2 cool effects that i really want to know how to do…

effect #1:

here’s an example of it - [color=#800080]…/5800/5850.html[/color]
the effect that i’m refering to is the “wipe” effect. i know it looks like a mask, but i want to know how to do that…

effect #2:

i don’t remember where i’ve seen this effect. let’s take a picture of an apple and you outline by using the pen tool (i assume). how would animate the outline of the apple and then fade in the apple after it’s been “drawn” ?

i hope that i didn’t confuse most you. also i wondering if there is a tutorial out for these effects? thanx for your time…[/size][/font]

Welcome to the forums. I’m assuming you haven’t read this: