HTML and FLASH kind of..!

the thing is, that I’m working on this site (it’s for a hiphop group in sweden…) anywho i want to be able to download songs directly from flash. now there is this popup window with the songs (in html)

so I’m wondering if you can put HTML in flash (load in a window or something) or how to make stuff downloadable from flash…

the thing is you have to right click and save as to save the files in HTML, if i just link them in flash a page opens and nothing happens!

hope you understand what I just wrote… i don’t

please help!

zip the mp3’s

to download them in flash use getURL() like this:

buttonInstanceName.onRelease = function () {
	getURL ("", "_blank")

right! thanx
but isn’t there a way to download mp3’s without zipping them first?

at your own risk … the browser surely will play the mp3 :-\

thanx for your help!

Next Question:
Is it possible to load html in flash?

html formatted text ??
yes :smirk: … i think there’s a tutorial here at kirupa

html pages ??
nope :-\