HTML Frames and Flash?

Well im having a huge problem…

See this is how my website will look like:


Flash .SWF
News and Information.

The website consists of 2 frames, 1 for the SWF and 1 for the news… Why ? because i want the flash menu to stay up all the time while the news page loads, and ONLY the news page.

So basically, i want this to happen, when i press on a button in the SWF, the other frame (the one with news) loads, and the Flash frame stays normal… example:

I dont have a clue how to do that i tried everything with getURL and nothing worked, if anyone knows please help.

After all the hard work, its either these 2, 1) It loads in the entire frame, 2) it loads just in the Flash Frame…

Need Experts help !

Thanks :azn: