Html Frames in flash?

Is there a way to make a flash page but has an html frame in it? LIke if u want to make an entire website out of flash and html. ON the flash part would be flash content but also it would have a squre frame as an html? Does anybody know if this is possible?

i’m not sure what you mean, do u have an example??!

simply, no :beam:

Okay if you’ve seen frames being used in html, I was wondering if there was a way I can implement html frames in flash.

Got another question, I know there’s a way to have text load from an external file in flash, Can that be done with images? An external image source that you can change and the flash content will be affected towards what images u input or remove from a file and not the actual flash file itself.

you can load the image’s address from a textfile using the LoadVars() object, and use that address to load an image with loadMovie() :slight_smile:

search and for loadMovie and LoadVars, you’ll find tons on those topics =)

well, heres a site i have designed…

here i used a flash movie on the left that controlled the content in a frame on the right and i put them together seamlessly to make it appear as though it was one big deal…all i did was use an iframe…

is that what you mean?

i think he wanted the iframe INSIDE the swf =)

maybe u could do 4 frames containing each edge of your swf, and have a fifth frame in the middle w/ your html content

you could…but communicating between all the flash movies…thats hard…

HEy Blackpulp, Thats exactly What im talking about. Its perfect. Thought my layout thought is different. The one im talking is that you have. The flash content on the left and the html frame on the right.

Or does anybody know how to do this?

ur link is broken

yeah, sorry, my server went down today…who knows why? but all that is…is a flash movie resting in a table cell with an iframe nested into the table cell next to it…