Is this POSSIBLE and how would i do it?

I’m very new to flash, not new to graphics. On my webpage i’m making (flash) I want to have a “frame” that can load other webpages within the site. How do i do this? I wouldnt even know what to call it to look up a tutorial about it so any help would be appreciated.


No you can’t, not in Flash, they are 2 different entities.

Simulating html type frames within flash (?) I’m sure I heard / saw that somewhere but can’t remember where …

…sry - can’t be more precise

[ inEdit: oops - mebe I didn’t (???) ]

Ok, it was bugging me … this is what I saw / found
[a flash simulation of htmlFrames-set]

which is really cool by itself , only not quite what you were describing::


Your scenario would require pop up windows, they could be controlled from flash as to position and size and thereby be close to the desired effect.

yeah, not entirely what i was looking for but you’re right it is pretty cool. I did find this:

and i’m looking to see if i can tweak it to load webpages. It does load html files saved on the hard drive, so i’m hoping it can work

It loads the text held in the variable in the .html file. That file really has no use being a .html file, it should be a .txt file.

There is no way to create an iframe in Flash. The closest you can get to HTML in Flash is HTML formatted text. You can read up on that here…


No problem :slight_smile:

Also you might want to look up the TextField.html and TextField.htmlText properties in the AS Reference, they come in handy for dynamically HTML enabling a text box to support HTML text.