Hey guys… I just made an image for a splash page of my new site… I made the image 1600768 so that it could take into account the resolutions of different users. For the height, I will just set a background color to compltete the image and save file size. My question is, I created the splash and put the main content in a view of 1024768. The reamining width area has content, but it is not important to the splash and are just some lines. When a user with 1024768 views my site, I don’t want there to be a scrollbar on the page so that you can see the remaining area of the width. How can I just make the image be 1024768 and not show the remaining width? I have no prior knowledge in HTML so all help will be greatly appreciated!

I’m sorry guys it might be a little confusing but I hope you all can understand.


Hey bcogswell11,

If you are going for NO SCROLLING AT ALL then all you have to do is simply put scroll=“no” in the body tag…like this…


It’s like commanding a dog, but if your dog Scrolls you might want to take it to the vet (yet another lame joke by lostinbeta…lol).

if you want to do it the CSS way just type…

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">

Both of these ways stops both Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling, I don’t know how to stop only one or the other.

What happened with that reply? Hmm, everything got all messed up.

well if u set it as a background then there won’t be no scroll,
i mean unless u put like this

then of course u set it as images sets, but if u set it as background then u shouldn’t see that , i don’t know why u getting that problem but hey i can’t tell u causei forgot but here is the site WWW.HTMLGOODIES.COM here is the best site i go for HTML…