HTML in email


I need to make a fancy looking newsletter which will be spread by email, but I have some technical problems.

Or it doesn’t work or the quality is not good :*(

Can anyone help me?
Step by step would be best!


Hmm… I don’t work much with newsletters, but here is one question…

Does your server allow mass e-mail to be sent out? A lot of servers do not allow this. You will have to read the User Agreement set fort by the host of your server. If they do not allow mass amounts of e-mail to be sent out, then it is technically illegal to have a newsletter on your server.

Also… if you run a search on you can find some very nice newsletter mailing scripts. Most of the best ones are PHP though… there are some good CGI methods as well.

I was actually looking for a way to send it without a server, because than people can see the mail even when they are not online.

I’ve opned the HTML in Word, but than you have to insert the pictures and stuff as an object (so they are send with the mail) … But all I get is the icon :*(

Or do you think it’s beter to do it with a server?

This is why there are services which specialize in sending HTML email… :-\

Just as a note, a majority of people can’t receive HTML email…

Do a search on and you will find a ton of companies who will do this for you. Otherwise, lots of work, and yes, use either php or asp…