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I’m sure at one time or another you’ve recieved an email where it looks like the sender has emailed an entire web page to you! I’m thinking of about.com as an example.

Anyone know how is this done?

Would you say this an effective marketing strategy? (pros/cons)

Thanks for your comments:)

Our Marketing Department use HTML based emails to send out to customers, and they seem to think it’s very effective. Certainly nicer to look at that plain text, but you do have to remember that if a client hasn’t got HTML enabled email then they won’t get the full effect.

As far as I know, they use a special program to do it, though I’m not sure what it’s called I’m afraid.

It seems to be a good marketing strategy to me also — and any sizable images are simply linked to, keeping its size relatively small.

I thought it might be as simple as copy and pasting the source text into the email, but, sadly it doesn’t work for me :-\

This could be the right idea, but I need to integrate the URL in there somewhere??

Wishing I had that software program you refer to:)

Thanks again for your comments.

I’ll have a word with Marketing, see if they can tell me more. :slight_smile:

Hey Sean if you are running a windows server it easy to send mail in either html format or text…use cdonts…and you can schedule emailings also programmatically…Just designed something like this for a client of mine

Unfortunately (relative to this discussion) I’m on a Mac. Do you think you could give me quick breakdown on how this works? I’m not sure what ‘cdonts’ are either:block:

Do you think I’m in over my head here? I’m more qualified when it comes to front end design issues, but I never imagined this was too complicated:sigh:

Thank you kindly.

actually, html-based emails are pretty easy to create/send…
to do it from outlook:
1)go to tools -> options
2)select the “mail format” tab and choose “HTML” from the scrolldown menu
3)select “OK”
4)choose “New” to create a new e-mail msg
5)go to insert -> file
6)find the html e-mail file that you’ve created
7)don’t click the “insert” button…instead, click on the little arrow next to it and scroll down to “insert as text” and then click that
8)send your e-mail

i’ve used this method to send out newsletters and e-mails w/ flash to clients numerous times.

i’m sure that there are other methods out there and they apply to all e-mail programs…good luck!

that works beautifully!!

thanks again:)


i was ont he wrong page I thought you wanted to send automated emails like from a form or a mass mailing thing…sorry man.

no problem sean!

use netscape too - works to wonder !

you’ve all been very helpful

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