HTML No Cache Code

Is there a tag i can put in a pge so it will never look in the caache to load swf files?

Thanks for any help

Well… I don’t know why you have to create a new thread with the same topic…

You can try this in your HTML code…

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

[EDIT]Dang… The meta tag was missing… :*( [/EDIT]

Sorry but i thought seeming as we moved on to it being an html questions it would be better to ask in server side scripting.

I ll have a look at that thread


Ok 1)

When not cacheing an HTML page, any movies or anything you load INTO that flash file through loadMovie or loadVars still gets cached… I use senoculars script to prevent this…

and 2) Yes you can stop the cacheing of your page…

Use this information wisely my friend :sleep: