HTML over swf

Hi Guys,

I need some advice on a current job I am doing. I have a designed a full screen swf for a website I am doing. I want a google friendly site so I want to have all the content in html. I know google have claimed they can index swf files, but as far as I can tell, it still remains debatable. Now you are probably wondering why I didn’t start the job in html and drop in my flash elements.

At the time I was planning on having animated elements in the background, so I figured, I’ll create a full screen flash site, and using z-index and div positioning, place my html over the top. This is proving to be a real pain in the ***, not to mention, I’m doing it blind, as dreamweaver only displays a grey box for my flash file.

So, if I haven’t bored you to death yet, keep reading. I’ve tried cropping my swf file into 3 parts in my html doc but this is causing too many issues. My question is, how best to proceed? Would it be easier for me to simply open my flash file, and publish 3 seperate flash files? - one for the animated menu (left of screen), the other , a logo animation (top of screen) and the 3rd for an animated element on the right, then drop them into my html doc, insert my static background image and then write my html content? Or create a hole in a single swf file through which you can see the content? [COLOR=Red]I have attached a jpg for reference.[/COLOR] Sorry I know this probably sounds confusing.