HTML Tables-How important are they?


I am contemplating on whether or not to continue teaching middle kids kids how code HTML tables. I have always taught in the past mainly to help them understand the nesting of elements better, but it feels like overkill. They are not anywhere near using it to display dynamic tabular data, and CSS is coming up next which is obviously the way to go for design and layout. Is it an important enough concept to continue teaching it?


You can always teach tables as a way to display static tabular content. I wouldn’t encourage it for layout for the reasons you mention, but a table itself isn’t a bad thing :smile:


OK! Static was how it was being used for class, and I think I will compromise by minimizing the lesson on tables to make room to introduce flexbox. I may use/borrow stuff from your Centering Stuff if you don’t mind!


Feel free borrow as much as you want! :slight_smile:


I will PM you my direct deposit routing number. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: