Html template

:tie: Hello,

i know how to create a template. Any suggestions on how to let my buddy update the template on the web. He does not have any html editor. Basically, I created a template of 20 thumbnails, and I want my buddy to be able to update the thumbnails with his own pictures, without using any html editor or text editor. i want him to be able to that through his browser. Thanks

if it’s just the pictures, all he’ll need is create the new ones with the exact same name and upload to replace the existing ones.
If you want to make it easy for him, create a php upload script in a form that’s displayed in his browser, so all he’ll have to do is browse to the file on his hd (correctly named) and upload…
i’m not gonna writte that for you, do a search on google for php file upload…plenty open source ones around… :slight_smile:

i guess it really depends on the style of the site. if he wants like a banner, then text, or something like that, then you would have to have chunks that worked for example a banner would get updated less than a news secion, so the news section would have to be made to aquire a lot of updates.

if you need more explaining, or more help feel free to respond, and posting progress would help a lot.:slight_smile: