Hi Kirupa.

I want to publish my webpage on a cd.

I don’t know how to make an icon. I also need help.
how do you have the other html files and jpgs the main page links not show up where the icon would show up (right after you open up D: or whatever? sorry, this is not that very explicit. thank you.

Yes, not very explicit indeed… :slight_smile:

If you do not want all your files (html , jpg and so on) at the root level of your cd, just put them into a folder, and use/folder/file.html in your links from the main page. Same for the pics in the pages, you can even use subfolders, just need to set the path right…
To make an icon, go to
where you can make it online and have it mailed to you 4 free!

Is this what you asked?


what would the path look like if your using flash? I have tried a little but it doesn’t seem to work form me.


Can you also be more explicit on this please?
What do you use Flash for exactly, just to make an exe to getUrl the html-stuff, or what and where?
And the path to where? Like, if you want to open “start.html” in the “HTML” folder, you’d use getUrl ("/HTML/start.html")

I have a folder named webpage on the desktop. I have main html pages in that folder. Inside that I have a folder named flash. I need to know how to have a link that will go from a html file in the folder flash back to (in the webpage folder) one of the main html pages.

Also, is there any way I can convert mutiple .txt files to .html files? thank you people. (-_-)

use …/page.html to go up one level.
convert: use Word and save as html?!

The problem with is that thier icon editor has been disabled for months, unless you pay for the service (i.e. $75). This link will show you how to install the favicon.ico and also lets you download a free icon editor. Enjoy!