Linking Flash to Dreamweaver

i have just completed a drop down menu in flash and would like to link the buttons to an HTML page. I’m using to following code to access a the cmm.htm file in the who folder:

on (release) {
getURL("…/who/cmm.htm", “_self”);

for some reason it’s not working. Is there some problem with my code?


is everything in the same folder?
Are those files located in your root folder?

yeah, all of the files are located in the root folder

If the flash embeded in an html page?

You might have to create the html page in DW so that the site manager can keep track of all the links!

the drop down menu was inserted into a layer on a Dreamweaver page. All of my file i’m trying to access is in a root folder name •software_eng• in a sub folder call •who• and the file name is •cmm.htm•.

your problem might be in your flash code. if you have buttons embed into a movie clip you need to say

on (release) {
_root.getURL("…/who/cmm.htm", “_self”);

the _root worked thks. But a new problem has arisen. After I select the file •cmm.htm• located in the •who• folder, I select another link from the drop down named •process• but for some reason it can’t find the file. The address in the bar comes up as


but it should be


it’s referencing 2 •who• folders? Why would that be.


well the only thing i could think of is your flash code which i’m sure you check 100 times already. try making a full URL link

how do you make a full url link?

also check for gaps and speling mistakes, upper and lower cases, these things things will throw u off.

If u believe the code is right, chances are there might be a tiny little error sumwhere in the speeling of the url ur specifying.