htmlText property just isn't working for me


I have read so many tutorials on embedding htmltext, but everytime I try it, it just isn’t working for me, and I don’t know why?

I have a textfield on stage, and I gave it an instance name “iText”. I even turrned on the “Render As HTML text” Icon and embeded the font that I used. Then in my actionscript on the keyframe I wrote:

iText.html = true;
iText.embedFonts = true;
iText.htmlText = “<b>WORKS!!!</b>”

when I preview this, nothing show inside the text field, this is mind boggling, and I’m yet to know what is wrong here. I use Flash 8 by the way. The really strange thing is that when I do:

iText.htmlText = “WORKS!!!”

the text shows up, but just with no html format, since I removed the bold tags, so something is wrong along the lines of those tags or something else I am not aware of.