I have a textfield that i’m trying to change a word in it to white so I thought if I turned the textfield to htmlText I could do this.
Here is my function

function PDFUpdater(sec) {
	var heading="DOWNLOAD SECTION PDF:  "
	var highCaps=sec.toUpperCase();
	var htmlConvert="<font color='#FFFFFF'>highCaps</font>"
	pdfAnim.pdfName.pdfText.autoSize = true;
	pdfAnim.pdfName.pdfText.htmlText =heading+htmlConvert; 
function PDFUpdater("home spreed sheet");

The variable sec is coming from an array that runs other functions.
What I’m trying to do is make the text that is in the variable sec change to white while keeping the heading text the original light blue color.
How can I get this to work?