this is my site
20% done

hope u guys will like it

my details
17 chinese boy
livin in malaysia,jb

Colors are so great ! :slight_smile:
It’s a good variant from xbox theme !

Keep goin
i can’t wait for the result

I like it but yeh I don’t know what the snows all about unless its just there for the winter season.

I like the snow…

Lol, dito on the colors, but I’m not really sure if you’re making a portfolio website or just a Blog. If it’s supposed to be professional, than you should probably spell-check :wink:

Great job.

btw, wo shi xin zhongwen xuesheng.

looks good :wink:

I like the green and the snow effects seems smooth. Though the name “linking park” keeps confusing me with Linkin park.
:beer: :beer: