Hypercam tutorials (for kirupa)

Im thinking about creating some tutorials using the hypercam software. i would use Divx codec so file sizes wont be dramatic. It would be more efficient and more personal. There is one draw back. The tutorial would last somewhere around 5 min… thats about a 4-5mb file so only people with broadband would really benefit from it. SHould i make one or two and see how it goes?


Hmm, that is an excellent idea, but you are write on the broadbands only.

Could you possibly seperate the movie into seperate downloadable sections to cut back on file size? Then modem users can work on the first part of the tutorial why the next part downloads of something. Just an idea…:slight_smile:

look at the big brain on lostinbeta :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, not really, I have just seen it done before.

What you could do for broadband users is, along with having the seperate downloadable files for modem users, you can included the 1 whole movie for broadband users and modem users who don’t mind the wait :slight_smile: (seen that done before too)

i’ll get premier and cut up movies and make them streamable. 500k sounds like a good file size no?

that should do it! :slight_smile:

sounds good to me :slight_smile:

i used to use Hypercam before i used flash. i dont really think you would need to make a tutorial on it, its really easy.

unless, theres a way to put stuff from it into flash somehow. if its possibal, it whould be a great tutorial ^^

You know what I just realized? I don’t even know what hypercam is! :x

I assumed it was a program that allowed you to make movies of what you are doing on your comp (like the vids edwin put in another thread), but I could be wrong.

What is hypercam?

well, you select a certain area of your screen, and it records that area untill you stop.

I assumed Edwin was going to write tutorials not for hypercam, but using hypercam to actually show what he is doing.

I could be wrong though.

Either way…the more tutorials, the better :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure its the second one. (use hypercam to show what he is doing)

yah the second one. i tested it out today. the sound is pretty good too.

Excellent =)