Scrolling HTML text with links - idiots guide needed!

Hi All,

Firstly, sorry for asking this, as I know it’s been asked before - I’ve found a few threads - but to put it bluntly, I am getting a headache trying to work out what the fudge is going on with Flash!! Previous experience has simply been putting linear movies together - which is easy enough; this has blagged me.

What I am after is a text box, with a scroll bar, that displays HTML text (seemingly no other way to get bold, colour, italic, etc, or links into a scrolling text box) - as a demonstration, text that includes all of the following formatting:

"Lordy, I’m so glad that working with scrolling in Flash is so rewarding- so far I’ve managed to shave 6hrs off my life without even trying!

If only I’d gone to Kirupa earlier, and gotten some advice [COLOR=Red]from people who know what they’re doing…[/COLOR]"
I’m using MX 2004, updated to ver 7 yesterday (lol, first problem was not even having scroll bar tool!!). I can get as far as having a box that scrolls. I can’t get it to display HTML properly, and I can’t get it to use the fonts I want (was just keeping it simple with Verdana) - I guess I can embed, but like I said, total novice idiot here - the scripts bit just throws me completely, really annoying as I’m self taught on all the graphics progs I use, and they’re a cinch…

Any help greatly appreciated!