I am looking to spice up my interface

I am doing a Flash splash page for two musicians, but I am starting my layout in Adobe Photoshop. My idea is this: When the user rolls over a button that has their name on it, a swf loads up that displays a normal photo of the artist in a border, and then the background of the splash page is 3/4 or 1/2 filled with an abstract photo of the artist performing. The *style *that I’m looking to accomplish in Photoshop is similar to the image effects done on this webpage:

However, if I have a picture of the artist performing, then it wouldn’t be another close-up portrait of the artist…rather it would be a mid or wideshot of the artist performing (please take a look at the image below as an example)
The style that I’m looking for is a 2-3 pixel thick line drawing effect of the photo. I’ve messed around with Photoshops filters (Find Edges, Stamp, Threshold) but then when I use those, the detailed features of the photo (like the hand that holds the microphone or the person’s face) dissapear. So I was wondering if anyone knew the “recipe” for creating a line-drawing (not too smooth, kinda rough yet it doesn’t take away from the image much) cartoonish effect on a regular photo. Thanks