I asked Jessa to Marry Me, she said YES!

Alright I will explain it all to you now. Every year me and Jessa take pictures at the end of the year. It has always been a special little tradition to us. Today we went out on our 4th annual photo shoot with David as the photographer like years past.

We took a bunch of shots in various locations so she wouldn’t think anything was up. It was really cold which didn’t help the shaking from being so nervous. I guess I did a good job being sneaky because after it was all said and done she was so surprised and honestly didn’t think it was going to happen until next year.

The plan was to give David a large wink when I was ready to do it. That way he would know when to set up the shot and start taking pictures of one of the most amazing and meaningful moments in my life. I was so afraid, just because I wanted it to be perfect… but finally I just went for it. I am so excite!

That last shot it so amazing, like I scored the winning goal AS an anime character. :slight_smile: