Well I did it guys!

I am now offically engaged!

I proposed last night. Heather and I had a party together that she thought was a Christmas party but in actuallity it was an engagment party (as long as she said yes :wink: thank god it worked! hahaha )

It all started when all our close friends got there and I said to everyone “ok, I have a special present I would like to give to Heather with all of you here. Many of you helped out with the project and I thank you all very much… now let’s watch it”

Then the movie started. It had a bunch of interviews of people from her life telling her what she ment to them and how special she was. Then I was at the end talking about how happy she makes me and how lucky I am to have her. Then at the end of the video I said “I think the guy beside you on the couch has something he would like to talk to you about”

She looked over and I got down on one knee and proposed… it was so amazing, so much better than I had ever hoped. She said yes and there wasnt a dry eye in the house :slight_smile:

I will post a couple pics tomorrow when I get to work and plug the ol scanner in :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, congratulations!! =)

indeed :slight_smile:

Congratulations~! :thumb:

[size=1]When’s/where’s the bachelor party ;)[/size]

Ontario’s doable. Ill pick you up on the way thor.


*Originally posted by senocular *
**Ontario’s doable. Ill pick you up on the way thor.


ROAD TIP!! Oo ooo can I come?

wow thats cool. I would of never been able to pull that off. You are very creative :slight_smile:

congratulations man

*Originally posted by senocular *
**Ontario’s doable. Ill pick you up on the way thor.


can i come, i will drive.:P:P:P

CONGRATS SureShot !!!

congrats mate… all the best :thumb:

*Originally posted by Alex *
**can i come, i will drive.:P:P:P

CONGRATS SureShot !!! **

I was going to say… HEY SEN… Come to Cburg and pick a brother up… But if he’s driving… Ohh ****…


j/k Alex :wink:

Congrats bro :slight_smile:

Thanks very much guys - and trust me, when we set a date, I will post here and if you guys are being serious, you are more than welcome to come to the big day.

Phil - thanks man :slight_smile: I am more than ready for any of the tough times ahead. As some of you know, going through what we have been through in the last 2 years is more than I ever thought possible but it happend and we are so much closer because of it.

Again, thank you all so much :slight_smile: Pictures to come tomorrow!

brings a whole new meaning to

[size=1]dare I say it?[/size]

[size=5]It looks like a nice day for a …

White Wedding![/size]


[size=1]phew, that one stunk[/size]


All the very best for u guys…
I wish u a very very very happy married life in advance:)


Congratulations Tuknuk :slight_smile: That sure was a sure shot I’m sure :wink:

CONGRATS SureShot !?!?!?!?!:ne:


Congrats! :slight_smile:

hey congratulations man
best wishes and GOD bless you guys. =)

btw one of our old member “noxious” is getting married on this 27th, i bet comicgeek knows already.