I can't belive it

I was reading a reply by XXVIII and looked over at the registered date and i see Jan 2003. Then i look at Soul Dec. 2002. I cant belive it! You guys havent been here for all that long when you think about it, yet, it feels like you have been here since well, since summer at least! i donno, just thought i was interesting. Kinda cool thouh.:thumb:

whoopty doo. i am in total awe.

oh crap! you too! lol, see i thought you were here a while back too! and golgi.

Hmmmm… =0)

We all are in total awe, especially of this macro informative thread! :wink:

By the way me and pinx are being sarcastic. I have been here for probably a year or two before just about everyone on this forum. Besides david, pom, thoriphes, edwin, eyez, & sum others i forgot and got to lazy to mension.

dan i will delete it if you think i should, i was just expressing how i couldnt belive it.

Am I a piece of the furniture now? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

lol… yeah, it feels like ive been here forever too

i guess its cause you guys just have so much pressence here

im sorry… is that bad? :?

no thats good, it means you are noticed. same with ahmed

go us then!
thanks dippy

deez nutz off tha heezy fa sheezy. . . .

[size=1]dan = trippin[/size]

fo sho