You didnt notice :(

i was here for a year today :beam: crap…a year! that means that i signed up on a wednessday. well i have been here for a year and i am going to stay! you guys rock!



yay! thanks!


i[ve been here a little longer than a year… or two?

dang, how long have I been here again?

congrats mike mihcael miquel


click profile under any of your posts, and it’ll show you:)

lol, congrats dipster :slight_smile:


Congrats Dipsh*t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by electrongeek *
**Congrats Dipsh
t. :stuck_out_tongue: **

that’s DiPietrosh*t to you!



Gingrs ma man!

muy congrtzos m.DipityDoo

what they said. Nice mBlog btw, i notice you mentioned kirupa :wink:

You know … I never noticed that blog link till Orange made mention …

very impressive - busy guy you are !



Congratulations Mike :thumb:

Congrats :slight_smile:

yay! thanks guys!

hehe thanks i love my blog. Josh’s blog is on there too.

yeah i plug for here amap (as much as posible)

thanks guys w00t i feel so fuzzy! hehe.

Hey congrats
i hope to see ur site this year :stuck_out_tongue:
Posts: 5553 in one year?