I cant remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie trailer

Shaolin Soccer



That’s awesome!

The part at the end when the girl hits the car into the parking spot, I’ve seen that before.

HA, where can I see it!!?!?!

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


it comes out in august (8th supposedly) in “wide release”
:slight_smile: Too long to wait!

seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


“you should not let your hair cover your face”

“Now you look like ET!”

lol ahahaha this looks sooo good!

it’s been out for a while, i even saw it in the original version… i had a hard time understanding the cues but oh well…

I just died when that guys clothes flew off :stuck_out_tongue:

Look pretty good :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

what the heck! Why is everything in quicktime? I hate quicktime and I refuse to install it! DAM APPLE!

for the quicktime-impaired :wink:

LOL, I have the entire soccer scene from that movie. It’s hilarious. Only problem with mine is it’s kinda in chinese, but they don’t talk much so no big deal.

lol nali. that would be hard to understand eh? but sen i just showed 3it to my friend a+6nd he though6 it was fu6nny

I think your keyboard’s breaking mdipi :stuck_out_tongue:


Dipi are you drunk!? Jeez… this kid can’t type. It was worse on IM!

lol, at first i didn’t know whether this movie was supposed to be a comedy or some attempt at it, but it seems pretty good. i like how that girl at the end parallel-pushed her car in.

OMG!!! SWEEEEEET :slight_smile:

Luving it all the way Whahahhahaha

haha defiently seems like a nice movie… but im confused… is it released yet?? :-\

eighth of august ahmed. and no my neighbor was over pressing random keys. lol.

Your neighbour?? Do they have a big stick out of the window pressing your keys? :stuck_out_tongue:

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