I changed my dns nameserver names and i still see my old site?

Hi there,

About 1 week ago i changed my dns nameserver names, because i had changed hosts to a new host.

Can you go to both of the following urls and tell me what you see at each one…



Its just, i have been on both of the urls on my friends pcs and they both display a coming soon page with a cartoon carachter on. (This is the page i uploaded on my new server).

But when i am on my pc and i go to http://www.allsortshop.com i see the coming soon cartoon carachter page, but then when i go to [URL=“http://allsortshop.com”]http://allsortshop.com on my pc, it displays my old website which was on my old server?

It only does this on my pc, no one elses?

I have cleared all my cookies, temporary internet files and cache and yet it still displays my old site when i go to http://allsortshop.com ?

Has anyone got any ideas why it does this on my pc?