Question about switching DNS info

I’m about to change the DNS info for a website, and I’m just wondering about something… how does that work? I know I just change the info… but what happens with the servers? They told me that there’s a 24 hour period during which the servers change their info, but I’m worried about email. Is email sent from different people going to be sent to the two different servers?

I’m worried about this scenario. The DNS server that points my computer updates its info, so I connect to the new server to get my email. However, the domain name for another user still points to the old one… but there’s no way for me to check it because the domain name, for me, points to the new one…

I know I can get the mail from the old server by connecting by the IP address… but I’m just wondering… is this something I need to worry about? Are there any OTHER issues I haven’t thought about?

no since the email is being sent to [email protected] the email will look for then after it finds it will search for the username of the person to recieve the email on, if the email finds it it will send the email if it dont itll give you a error message

So no matter what server you are usign it will always look for the dns of your website, as for the old user just change the info or wait till you have your website online on the new server and edit the email settings on the server and on your pc