I desparately need help


I am in need of help. Can anyone please tell me if I can make the address of a hyperlink appear on the very left bottom of the browser (where you see on the bottom left is the icon of IE and on the right bottom is the word “Internet”?


Uhhhh…I once found out that you could put javascript into tha link for flash there’s a javascript code that on mouse over can produce ur message in tha status bar. Wether or not this works with Flash, I have no idea. Put hey, it’s worth a try.

Although tha code iz 2 lines long…maybe it’ll still work as jus 1 long one.

        onMouseOver="window.status='learn about me';return true;" 

Try that?

Hi Buff,

it did not work. Any ideas?



perhaps if u had a CGI Script that could do it on it’s own, you could call that up on mouse over or something…and tha cgi script could display it…then on mouse out have tha cgi stop it…

But I deno how to script CGI sooo dont ask for advice there lol

You could also make a javascript function that could do it, and have it b called on as a link, like on mouse over…I can prolly do that 1 myself for ya if u need it and put it on here for ya

But hey…for all I know, it prolly may not b possible. I mean flash iz jus a movie, and it’s kinda self contained…no browser changes when u interact with tha flash…unless it’s actually told to b done in tha flash itself…


It would be great if you can do that. Thanks.



what you’re talking about is the status bar. you’ll need to use javascript to control it.

do a search for “status bar javascript howto”. it should turn up a suitable tutorial. once it’s working in regular html, you’ll need to do something like this:


make sure “swLiveConnect=true” is in the embed tags in your html.

talking b/w javascript and flash is a little spotty. you may end up writing a (very slightly) different function for each message you want to appear.


hmmmm so you are saying that I once I have authored the flash file, I should open up the html file and add a javascript on it?

Please let me know. Thanks.


exactly, the getUrl in flash just calls the function which is declared and defined in the html. like in the popup-window tutorial on kirupa. should work…

hmmm…where can I find the “swLiveConnect=true”? I have looked at the html page and can’t find it.

Another thing, the status bar still can’t work.
The status bar that I did on plain html works, but when I combine it with flash, it just did not work.

On the flash I use the on (rollover) {get url (javascript:myfunction())}
on (rollout) {get url (javascript:myfunction1())}.

on the plain html page i just have 2 functions, one for the roll over and the other for the roll out.

Any ideas???

sounds like your doing everything right…

the swLiveConnect=true you won’t find … you have to add it, and without it, nothing b/w javascript and flash will work.

add it somewhere in the embed tags.

your flash code looks good to me, if it’s working in plain html, i think this will solve it!!