Status bar displayed via flash?

Is there a way to affect the status bar of the browser from flash? The reason I ask is because when you mouseover a flash link, it doesn’t display the link in the status bar. is it possible to make this happen somehow?

I was wondering the same thing…

I guess that’d be possible by swf - javascript communication, coz jscript can display something in the status… good point, it bothered me too sometimes not knowing what was linked to, but anywayz, the designer can then just put any crap in the status…but still, deserves to be looked into!!

It is possible through javascript. I saw how to do it somewhere, I’m trying to find the link.

flex, the man (?) with the 1000 downloads! lol
find it!

1000 downloads? And no need for a (?) after man. I can assure you that I am…

the ? was not to mock, just to make sure coz sometimes he’s a she (any toadclippers 'round here?), and aintcha the one always posting links to components and stuff?

Have to admit I thought toadclipper was a dude. And yes I’m the one who’s always posting stuff. True. Most of the stuff no one downloads anyway…

Coz i got it all already , haha… want some more?

Want some more what?

we should really be using icq or another IM for this kinda polluting post…lol

I was gonna say the same thing - I just sent you a private message… or is the best place to go…

heh there needs to be a chat room set up on this site…so that the people that come here can talk with out filling up the forums…we could even have a flash chat thing…hehehe

Wanna see some amazing Flash (and components too)? Try This week’s Ultrashock’s BombShock (I’m sure you’ve seen this one already, Joe…). And they work with Flash 5 too.

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