I dont understand flash and image files

I’m trying to work on my website, and i’ve decided to do it in flash.
So i’ve made my logo, the bit behind it that i want to glow and spin and such, and all the other little bits and pieces for the basic animation side to the site - however

i dont know what i’m meant to do next.

Usually, i’d import as jpeg/png and animate, but it lags and the loading time is too high. i’ve tried to squash the file sizes while in flash, but it’s not that much different.

I downloaded a template file that had animations and such, and all the 3D stuff, backgrounds etc are shapes. how?
the site loads in no time and all the animations move smoothly. It feels like their site was made with gold leaf and mine has been carved out of rock.

I know a lot of sites are designed with 3D software and rendered for flash, but what i want isnt that difficult.

How do i convert my exported images as shapes, without tracing the bitmap and increasing the loading time

I cant figure it out at all :frowning: