I duno if this is possible.... about scenes

i’m making a webpage using flash…
i want to know if i can put a scene into a scene.
For instance lets just call them sceneA and sceneB.
SceneA is a short movie but i want to shrink it and put it in sceneB, but if i clicked a button to see sceneA as its original, it would be the same size… how do i do that… or is it possible?

an SWF can have only one “scene” that is, only one root timeline. U can Movie clips wich can be like scenes, u can also add scenes lbut these will be seperate from eachother, they wont be inside eachother. So basicaly, No, its impossible.

Personaly, I don’t use more than one scene for anything.

A) there is no reason other than organization to do so, and
B) Flash is confusing with it’s gotoAndPlay, scene commands.