I get to perform another wedding!

a very good friend of mine (Evil Tim) is getting married in April, and they have asked me to perform the ceremony.

The wedding is going to be held on the beach somewhere in Southern California (they live in Manhattan Beach), as they have rented a house for the wedding.

It should be a small, fun affair. I haven’t been south of Santa Barbara in quite a few years (1989)…

Weddings are fun, especially when you aren’t the one getting married…



rev, you are a father? cool! i was pronouncing you name all wrong…lol it Rev. Flash, like as in pastor. well congrats!

Thanks Mike.

How did you pronounce my name before?

And… where have you been? Everyone calls me the “Good Reverend” around here…

You too can be ordained… just ask me how!



how? C:-)


send me your full name, email address, and mailing address…

That is it… very soon after, you too will be an ordained minister…



lol fake diploma’s. so rev did you like get outta the ministry or something? well any way i used to called it ReverEnd Flash (provounce the end)

[SIZE=1]sorry…shouldn’t use the lords name in vain[/SIZE]

Rev. You are really a minister?!

Thats crazy. I just figured it was your net handle.


congrats my man! that´s really nice! :+A:

best luck! =)

Yes, I am an ordained minister, but not religeous (I am agnostic at best, with a heavy lean towards Atheism)…

Spiritual, but not fanatical…

as I told Unca Philbo (who is more religeous than I):

“I choose not to preach at this time”

[SIZE=1]…and use whatever names in vain you wish… Kirupa is far more restrictive than I… I grew up with Log Truck Drivers after all…[/SIZE]

The crazy thing about this wedding, is that my 35 yr old buddy’s 23 yr old g/f asked him to marry her on xmas eve…:love: :love: :love: :love: :whistle: :whistle:


Congrats Rev, you will have photos to share with us later on right!??!? :stuck_out_tongue:


X-mas eve???

when did you guys have x-mas? :stuck_out_tongue:

you mean whe she made the proposal, isn´t it?

yeah cause then we will have current pics of ya!


Yes, that is when she proposed… xmas eve…

I hope to have some photos… we shall see…

working on the ceremony… should be fun…


thats pretty cool rev

Thanks Fester…

Could be a real quick trip tho…

we shall see…