I have a friend

well, actually my landlord…

so you can see why I can’t touch this…too close…

back to subject…

She has a need for an artist. She has a couple of sites which are in desparate need of…well, updating. I won’t post the link, email me to get hooked up, because they are psuedo-religeous in nature, and I’m already pushing it with my nickname…:-\

anyway, she said “I can’t pay, but I will give lots of credit, and a healthy tax deduction.”

She is a very sweet lady, and if I did not rent from her I would probably try to do something. You guys will probably do better, judging from what I have seen here…

If this sounds interesting, please email me [email protected], and I will hook ya’ll up…

Thanks for the read,


When I said psuedo-religeous, I might have been a bit extreme on the explaination. I just saw another thread from which I wanted to stay completely away.

Anyway, the sites are religeous only in a New Age/Hippy kind of way (I do live in SF after all).

If not your bag, or u r 2 busy, I completely understand.

Thanks for your time,


Yes, I too am now staying as far away from that puzzle thread as I can. Anything dealing with religion is not my bad, otherwise I would offer to help, but religion is something I don’t partake in.

And don’t worry about your name. I for one don’t take religious offense to it. To me it makes iyou sound like you learn flash religiously:) And there is nothing wrong with that…haha.

it came that way…

my coworkers found out I was an ordained minister (another chapter of my life) and at the time one of the few people eagerly pursuing this new thing called Flash 3.

Next thing…


check yer e-mail…

I’m gonna go get me a midnight snack…

lol… It’s good to see some more ordained ones out there. The market share is unbalanced.

Personaly I like the name, I wish I had thought of it first.

Ok, now that you mentioned you are/were an ordained minister (by the way, please don’t send me to hell :stuck_out_tongue: ) I have one question to ask you.

What is your avatar image of? I originally thought it was 2 kids in some kind of karate stance or something, but if you were a minister, wouldn’t promoting child violence be bad? Anyways, maybe I am just not looking at it right, that is why I asked:)

What are the threads that you guys are talking about staying out of? I’m interested. (I on the other hand love to anoy people with my unothodox views of god and religion)

I believe it was deleted, I can’t find it anymore.

It was pretty bad… full out argument on religion. I think the whole bible was recited too.

lol… well then, we’re probebly better off. I would have deleted it myself if it were bad enough.

Personaly I think spirituality and religion are VERY VERY important parts of life, and often are downplayed, or shirked around because of the unpleseantness of a few individuals. Some of us (I’ve a feeling our reverend included) are probebly very soft spoken in opinion, and open to inturpretations from various factions… at least as far as discussion goes.
Being an Agnostic, Realist, Budhist, Communist I do know what it’s like to have to walk away from certain conversations.

My stand on religion… I don’t believe in it (any form), but I think everyone else has a right to believe in whatever religion they want, just don’t try and make me believe it and everything will be good.

The thread that caused the argument was sort of advertising their beliefs by putting a link to a website with questionable religious content and that belief would be one that offended many people. Which is why a debate heated and the thread got deleted (I am a poet and I didn’t even know it).

You can find the spin-off thread that came about here…


This is a recreation of the thread with just the question asked and not the religious content. You can view the persons website if you are interested in seeing what the debate was about, but please don’t post a reply to argue with that person again…haha.

Nah… not here. I’ve already promised Kirupa that I wouldn’t involve myself with those conversations here. I mean… random is a random conversation forum, but this is still a tech board after all.

I have a board called the bizarre abyss where I still post. There I make fun of old and new testiment believers. I admit it. I have a board called KIR, or Zetetica where I discuss my true religious beliefs. People are welcome to come to either of those two areas to argue with me about such things. I go by my old handle Upuaut8 over there. They are ezboards and easy enough to find. I wont post links here either.

Every once in a while I’ll go to these people’s sites, but they have to really impress me with their conversation skills or I don’t bother. I’ve learned enough to know that there are too many things to learn, to visit them all.

I have a friend that went through an online site and payed to take some classes, took some tests, submitted some forms and recieved through mail a certificate - a LEGAL certificate that allows him to marry people (in a very legally binding sort of way). No joke the kid is pretty silly. He is just waiting for the drunken couple at some college party that takes him up on it! haha

:-\ :o :stuck_out_tongue:


ah… I saw that thread a bit too late I guess.
I’m not sure if we should prevent messages in sigs though… even to questionable sites. Are we suddenly PC? no pun intended. I guess it doesn’t matter really. The person seems to have taken it lightly enough. I’ll just have to remember that links in sigs may be monitored by big brother. :slight_smile:

Yeah… I believe that the US consitution grants that right to us. For a mear 35$ processing fee too. (though I heard that price years ago… it may be more now)

Well the link in the sig is questionable to me about that. I opted for them to keep the link in the profile because it is their profile and is it their right and it is their site, so there’s not much we can do about that. It was the advertising of the belief in the sig that bugged a couple people.

Sorry, doing a bit of work while inspired…

The Avitar, It is a shot of my brother and myself playing like we were talking on this new fangled thing called a telephone… (my home town had 1300 people)

I am the short one on the left…

roughly age 2 1/2…

Yes I am still a minister, and yes, I have married a couple of friends while at a music festival, while Bare Naked Ladies played in the background. It was beautiful… We did not have any rice, so we threw Garlic Fries…

They are still some of my best friends…

Thanks for clearing that up:)

And that is an incredibly odd yet strangely beautiful story=)

that brought a tear to my eye. That’s great. :stuck_out_tongue:

their too…what with the salt & garlic…:crazy: