I give up...confirmation emails

on sites such as play.com, amazon etc…when you submit an order, you get a copy of your order and stuff.

now, i’m not planning on doing something that complicated (not yet anyway i hope), but i simply want to send the user a confirmation email whenever they send an email to me.

like “thanks you $name for your email. If you require a reply, we will get back to you soon”

or whatever. important to have their name on the email. makes it feel like more personal, rather than an automated machine like thing.

i use http://formtoemail.com/ script, so if there is a way to update the script to include the confirmation email thingy, then it would make things alot easier in updating the page.

i’ve tried other scripts, but they didn’t seem to work. even tried intergrating 2 together, but since my php coding is as good as a robin reliant in a formula 1 race…it didn’t exactly work…