I hate people. Just so you know

Someone, we’ll say a “friend” came into my room last night and while I wasn’t here “deltree”-ed my computer. So i fixed it up and all, but I can’t install my mouse. Its driving me nuts, i can’t install the mouse, so its hard for me to do anything, and I e-mailed this guy about helpin me, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to. First it was getting an IRQ, but i fixed that, and now its giving me some other @#%$…i don’t know what to do…i’m going to kill it. burn it…BURN HER BURN HER!!

“She is a witch!”
“how do you know she is a witch?”
“She turned me into a newt!”
“A newt!?”
“I got better…”

sounds like your luck hasn’t been good lately. sorry to hear about that. Have you installed the proper mouse driver? That could be the problem, I had the same problem once. You need a poweron password to prevent this in the future.
Do you know how to do that? It might help. Well, I hope things get better for you old chap. Good to see ya.

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yeah i have the right driver to install, but I don’t know whats going one. My computer was already on, I was just out of the room and my roommate had gone into the bathroom, and my friend came in and did that. I was angry. He’s going to get the treatment you discribed in one of my other “losing faith in humanity posts” I think you told me to put a tube in his mouth so he can’t hydrate himself and have him eat a thick rope, and hang him from it and all that fun stuff…we’ll see. I’ll be MIA for a few days, and I’m going to back off from the politics forum for a few days…the crossfire has turned into friendly fire…:frowning:

No, that idea was from Rennigirl, master of torture. Remember? I added in the razor blades and hydrochloric acid only after the fact, but I think it’s illegal, not sure though.


thats right, I remember she had the rope, you added the “dehydration tube”…

Right now I hate this board. Un peu, beaucoup, à la folie…

pom 0]

just that one thread. I’m sorry that it took the turn for the worse. Sh!t happens though. But since the people involved are all smart, mature people, i’m sure that it will turn back around. Give it time…we all learn from our mistakes.

I think that I would beat someone senseless if they did that to my computer Jubba… go get yourself a bat.

I’m thinking about. I’m pretty much trying to decide which brand to use…Louiseville slugger? Wood or metal? Spiked? I’ll think of something. Now its really screwed up too, because when I tried to reformat and re-partition it would beep and say::

Boot area needs to be modified Press Y to accept

or something to that effect, and I don’t have any idea whats going on with that. Why do i always have the worst luck with computers? And now i have Windows installed, but for some reason it cant detect the mouse, and I"m just having some major problems. I’ll be back and I’ll have those tutorials once i get everything straightened out.

stepping up to the plate…

Be careful Uppy with that bat talk. This is a kinder and gentler nation now remember? And besides if he offs that person with a bat and that guys lawyers find this exhortation from you on this BB then you will face murder charges as well. Remember this is American Justice, so one must be carefull these days.
Therefore I suggest a slow mixture of Arsenic mixed in with their Nutrasweet.
Take your time and make sure the pool of suspects in incredibly large.


In case your curious, I don’t like people either. Anyone. And if I won the lotto it would be my ticket to move as far away from the nearest person or town as possible. There is a bumper sticker that says; Mean People Suck. And then I saw someone closer to the truth. They cut off the Mean part and all it read was; People Suck. This is true. And a trustworthy saying.


thats awesome. yes people truly do suck, but thats a topic for another thread. :slight_smile: Oh, i found out what happened. Someone hacked into my computer and did that. From my friends computer. It wasn’t my friend, but someone that was on his computer. However, my friend arranged it so that he is bringing this person home with him over Summer break, and we’re going to play a lil’ ball…

The problem is solved. My parents are going to come get my computer, and drop off their old computer. So for two weeks I’m going to be running a Pent 2 333Mhz, with a 6 GB HD and 64MB of RAM!! Wooohoo! I ROCK!! lol, I’m in a good mood though because I was going through withdrawl without my computer, and without Flash I’m starting to develop this nervous twitch…Anywho…I’ll be around, and I’ll have those tutorials done for Kirupa by Monday, and they’ll be posted soon after. Watch me rock with my dead sexy computer…lol…

@#%$, i responded too late. jubba i coulda helped you with all that repartitioning and stuff. if you still need that comp fixed, i can help you. just let me know.

thanks thor. I think i’m going to just send it to my friends so they can fix it. I ordered some more RAM from them and they are going to put it in and everything, also instal WIN XP because for some reason I couldn’t. My comp wouldn’t take it, and it was pissin me off. Hopefully they will figure out where I was going wrong. Thanks anyway Thor. :slight_smile:

no prob. xp shouldn’t have any problems installing, it was really easy and quick for me. maybe it’s your motherboard configs.

it might have been but when i tried before it would go thru the initial steps and then after it would go to restart setup would not start up again. it would just go to a blank screen saying please wait. I was please waiting for 6 hours…actually i left, went out, and then came back and it was still please waiting, so I said phuck and I shut it down and just installed all my 98 files. I konw it shouldn’t have a problem especially cuz my roommate installed the same thing on his comp the nite before and his comp is a POS…oh well…thats life for me…i have the worst luck in the world…

Keep smiling Jubba, as much of a pain as it is, it’s good experience. No I don’t think you’ll appreciate that comment… Hope you’re all fixed soon :slight_smile:

thanks Lobs. I am not using my old computer while my other gets fixed. Fun…i’ll e-mail you later about ways to improve that file.