I have a situation and dont know what to use

I have a Flash site that I want to be able to update using either PHP or ASP or anything else. The problem is I want to be able to change not only the text but the pictures. I will use loadMovie(“movie.jpeg”) and then just replace the movie.jpeg with a different picture to dynamically change the pictures but I have one major problem.

I know ASP and XML can dynamically change the content of the site but I need for the the movie to stay coordinated. What I mean by this is I want to be able to change the content using ASP or XML and keep the pictures (loaded using the method I already explained) below the content, kinda like if the content was in one cell of a table and the pictures are in a different cell of a table. I just dont know how to create this table like system in Flash. Can anyone help?>

If anyone didn’t understand… I want to change content using XML or ASP and still keep the pictures below the content, kinda like using a table in Flash.