Dynamic images from database using ASP

I realy need some help with this whati want to do is have a access database with a list of pictures that i want to display in flash. does anyone know where a good toturial can be found.


I know you wanted to do with ASP. But the above tutorial is a very good and detailed one. Give it a shot.


but i need to use asp as im developing this for a client and they need the function to be able to update the pictures (upload/ add small blurb on each picture) or maby you can do this with xml as i havent realy used xmal before i dunno but if you can can you point me to a good toturial.


Yes. You can update the pictures separately outside of Flash. That’s the essential idea of XML, to keep the content and presentation different.

And remember, it’s a good habit to have a look at what others posted for you (the URL, in my case) and go through that before you ask.