I have an easy "?" about the pixelation on Flash MX

i was wondering if there was a way to get Flash MX not to blur everything but instead pixelate it so the color doesn’t fade. I kinda want to make it like paint so when i put a pencil dot it makes a solid square and not a stupid blured oval.

yes/no its not hard

I don’t think there is a way… one of those things that Flash is not capable of I guess. But I could be wrong and if there is a way, I too would like to know.

One thing you could try would be using the Brush Tool and then changing the Brush Shape to squared. :puzzled:

nope there isn’t i just usesed a rectangle and rebuildt my whole image pixel by pixel!!!im so ****ing *****ed, thx anyway.
P.S. whoever made macromedia should have made Flash MX compatible with Fireworks

Go to View/Snap To Pixels.

Then take the square tool, turn off outlines, zoom in on the canvas until you see the 1px by 1px grid.

Then you can drag a 1px square, and duplicate/move this square to make your pixel image.

Since Flash is a vector program and not meant for pixel art, this is the easiest way you are going to get this done. But I guess it’s better than nothing, since before MX this couldn’t be done at all I don’t think… unless you zoomed in, created the square with no outline and manually adjusted the (x,y) to solid coordinates.