I have Flashers Block!

Been working around the clock on serveral sites and presentations and a large one just landed on my lap for a very important client. Hes a celebrity and owns a high end car dealership. I’m drawing a blank for an idea for a cd rom presentation and website intro for him. Any Ideas out there?

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Nvision <:}

Give us some more info bro :slight_smile:

What kind of cars? Would we get a free one? Would he deliver to England? :slight_smile:

I’m with Eilsoe - tell us more…

free car? :!:


I´m with kit (that is with eilsoe), can you fill us in?:stuck_out_tongue: :beam:


go to:


Whenever I am having creativity brainfarts, I go there for inspiration.

or www.cwd.dk !!

Basically its a Presentation for High End Tailoring of Expensive Automobiles.

Wheels, Body Kits, Performance Parts. It will be featured on a Huge screen TV at the grand opening coming up on Jan. 17th.

SO I need to find a way to show what they can do without it looking like cheezy cars driving around. Basically more looking like either a Movie Intro or something you would see more in the big screen (Movies) since im not limited by badwidth (CD Presentation) I can basically go wild on it. Just so bured out, im drawing a blank …


How about something like the 60’s movies, where you play around with a split screen? So like, make it three vertical views, shifting into one picture. Then a big one on top and two smaller underneath… Running the same picture, running different pictures. Have one split screen with a bit of text in it, a few buzzwords or a logo or something…

I think you just answered your own question, it seems you already have an idea of what you want it to look like. All you have to do now is brain storm, bust out a piece of paper and sketch out some ideas, nothing too elaborate, just chicken scratches here and there so you won’t forget your ideas. Since you’re dealing with cars, I suggest making an presentation with a lot of killer soun to get the viewer’s adrenaline pumping. I would probably use a lot of flashing and blinking images in other words keep the presentation moving at a fast pace. If you can, I would also try to have music that syncronizes with your effects too. Ok I hope that helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely do a panaromic virtual tour. I just did a cd for this high performance car shop that does interior and extreme stuff. You really want something can show their abilities in the form of interaction. Setup your camera inside and do your thing. Here is a software that I used relatively inexpensive (you should hide it in the costs) www.3dvista.com That would be a very nice feature. and it exports to flash.

Also things to consider if they mainly does like bentley, rolls royce, mercedes and stuff…Those are kinda classy so you I would move towards earth tones and dark accents. If he does like honda civics and new age vehicles then more brighter artsy vector based stuff. That is just my .02. But definitely do a virtual tour panoramic. Also looks good on the portfolio.