I need a fully functional trial of a 3d rendering program

any one know where i may find 1 swift… 3d max…any 3d HELP

I searched many of the official sites, and they don’t offer any trials :frowning:

Go to www.computerarts.co.uk and see if you can order/ find the issue where the Max4 trial was in…

You can order trials for:\rLightWave 7 - www.newtek.com\r3DS Max 4 - [url=“http://www.discreet.com”]www.discreet.com\r\rThink they’re free, waiting for my LightWave trial to reach my door.\r\rOr, alternatively you can use some freeware 3D apps:\rBlender - [url=“http://www.blender.nl”]www.blender.nl\r( ^ my favorite freeware )\r\ranim8o r - [url=“http://www.anim8o r.com”]www.anim8o r.com

got light and blender and filled out the 3d max form hit submit and it dint say order confermed or anything just whent back to other page did i order it or screw up