I Need A Job!

Ok boys, heres the scoop… I either need a job or a get rich quick scam… or even a get some money for doing VERY little scam is ok with me. If you have a job that you like a lot and it is a chain type place that might be in my area (Milwaukee Wisconsin) or it is something I can do online, then post it. If you know of any good internet scams that I can use to generate easy cash, I would also love to hear about that too! Even legitimate ones :wink: . Keep in mind that I have a high school degree and am currently going to college - so all you awesome guys with jobs that involve flash can just know that you are better than me and not post… because it will make me feel bad ;( . Unless of course you can get me a job! Lets hear it!

Heres a mini resume.
-Computer Hardware
-Computer Software (Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Various -Audio editing)
-Computer Programming (HTML, ActionScript, Visual Basic)
-Guitar, ~5 years of experience
-Wasting Time (:A+: Certified) (-:
-I’m a real “Team Player” (:ch: mmmm, buzzwords)

-3rd Place in Wisconsin State Fair Senior Art Competition for a Photoshop collage piece.
-Self “Published” (Kinkos and a CD burner :wink: ) Musical CD with interactive content. (Flash/VB)
-Song Included in Parnassus In Print Magazine CD Compilation May '03
-High school Graduate '03
-Currently Enrolled in Visual Communications/Computer Graphics program at MATC (Local Technical College)

Work Experience:

  • Various event filming and editing. :sigh:

-I don’t sleep so I can work odd hours!
-I am capable of sitting in one place for upwards of 12 hours doing absolutely nothing.
-I am desperate so you can underpay me if the job is fun!

There’s the details boys. Have at it!