Need a job


I applied for full time at my job. Didn’t get it. Just because I have college (only 3 days a week for 4 hours). Now im so screwd. I can’t afford any of these **** bills and ****. I can’t even get my business going because I dont have any money to afford ****. I dont want two jobs because thats just to much to deal with.

Im a college student going to ITT Technical Institute. I work at Lowes Home Improvement as a cashier. I have many strong abilitys including HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash. Basic and good knowledge of PHP, mySQL. And I look at myself working as a cashier, the easiest job in the fricking world and most boring irriating… sigh ARGH!

So… anyone know where I can get a technical job, who will higher a talented 19 year old?

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