I need a scipt, i'll pay

Hi Everyone,

i need an Multiple File Upload script, below are the details:

The script must have

  1. User creation (with agreement page option)
  2. A folder should be created with same name as the username and
    users should have access to their folder and files only.
  3. users should be able to upload multiple files with multiple formats i.e.
    (txt, mp3, doc, jpeg) etc.
  4. Error message if file extension or size is wrong.
  5. Files uploaded by each user should go to their specific folder only.
  6. A confirmation page upon upload finish.
  7. Admin panel, capable of
    downloading and deleting the uploaded file
    delete and ban users
    Allow or disallow user permission to download from their folder.

in addition to this i should be able to edit the agreement page, file extensions, file size, overall color scheme, fonts and confirmation page.

here are the layout details

background color= black
input fields and buttons (background color = black) with 1px border (border color = #004C56 )
overall text (font = arial) and (color = #595959)
1px border around the form (color = #004C56)

I’ll pay for your work, let me know the price or i can give you credits for your work on my website (text only with link).