I need help deciding which Flash MX to buy

Hi y’all, I’ve been trying out Flash MX trial and now want to buy the full product. I’ve seen Flash MX 2004 in ebay.co.uk (i’m in the uk) for around 100 pounds.

My questions are:

  1. Do you think it’s safe to buy this software on ebay? It is listed as:
    [left]"[color=#004080]**This is brand new, sealed, unopened, unregistered, full Retail Package version Academic licensed. **[/color][color=#004080]Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Complete Package CD - GENUINE and SEALED, Boxed. VAT & Delivery to be added. Please note this is NOT oem, or manufacturer specific, or time limited software, but GENUINE & NEW[/color][color=black]"[/color]

  2. What does ‘Academic Version’ mean? Would i get the full product?

  3. Are the features in MX 2004 Pro worth the extra investment for a small-time, small-site developer doing mainly media-rich projects like MP3 players, picture galleries, and dynamic content?

Any thought would be appreciated before i part with my cash![/left]