What Flash Should I Buy?

Should I buy a used, full-version of MX or a new or student version of 2004?
What would the price difference be do you think?

PM me, I’ll tell you

thats what im trying to get away from… lol

Well if you want to wait… go for MX 2004. It will have the new OOP model and a bunch of new added features coming with Actionscript 2. Everything from Flash MX will also be supported in Flash MX 2004 though, so if you don’t want to wait then go with MX.

Of course… if you get MX now, MX 2004 will be coming out soon, so you will only have to do a ton of catching up with the next version you get (if you were to get any versions after MX) because MX 2004 introduces Actionscript 2.

Do they still sell flash mx?

i saw it at CompUSA today… still full price…

this is what i’m thinking of getting

MX04 pro is the way to go. :slight_smile:

if you’re a student and dont plan on selling your work any time soon, Id get the student version. Its cheaper and not hindered in any way. A new version of Flash will come out in about a year or 2 from now which is usually enough padding before you are in a position where you might feel the need to go commercial at which point you would get the next version at full commercial price.