I need help introducing a movie inside other! I can't make it work!

I was creating a site with flash but I couldn’t make an Active Script code that worked. I wanted that a new flash movie appears inside the main .swf file when someone clicked one of the navigation buttons, but when I followed <A href=“http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.asp”>this</a> tutorial nothing happened in my document when I previewed it and pressed the button.

The button I was trying with was the main (home). The thing that differs from what the tutorial explains is the fact that the button is inside a movie clip, so I don’t know if that affects the code. Please help me! I need to make this movie. :frowning:

I published my document for anyone who could help me. Here is a link:

<a href=“http://digitalkultur.net/dk.fla”>http://digitalkultur.net/dk.fla</a>

:*( Please…

The .swf file you are trying to load should be in the same folder, or you should have the exact URL to the file.


That tutorial teaches you how to load a random background into the movie. I know its not what you wanted, but it uses loadMovie, so it should help you figure out how to use that.

Try putting the button on the main stage not inside the Movie Clip and see if that works, I’ve had to do that before, also make sure like {lost in beta) said that all your swf’s are in one folder and also make sure your using the loadMovie () to load other external swf’s. JesseH