I need some urgent help!

Hi guys/ladies

I did’nt know which forum to put this thread up on to, so I though this will be the best place.

I have a problem with my first client’s website. They have ordered two websites and they wanted them to look excatly the same.

So I have finished both the websites and now that I have uploaded them for testing the following things happen:

the first website “vip international” (link: http://www.m-at.co.uk/Layout%20testing/vip%20International/html’s/Introduction.html ) loads on the browser properly and has no problems.

the second website"chefs international" (link: http://www.m-at.co.uk/Layout%20testing/CHEfs%20international/html’s/Introduction.html ) is not displayed properly. If you notice some of the flash items are not loaded on the browser (under_titlebars and the image gallries) but when you right click on them you get the flash options.

I have checked all the links, folders and all that sort of stuff but everything is ok. The thing is that before uploading the “chefs international” all the pages are shown properly but its after uploading when the error is aquires!

Can anyone help me please? I have to publish the new websites over their old ones soon.

Thank you,